Avocado Box

From: $38.00 every 4 weeks

  • Packed to order fresh from our grower partners.
  • Taste the difference that freshness makes! Rich and buttery, these fresh avocados are perfect for guacamole, avocado toast, salads or just slicing and eating.
  • Packed and shipped firm but ripe, these avocados will be ready to eat shortly after Delivery.
  • Each avocado is individually picked, packed, and shipped using protective and presentable packaging.
  • Ripening and storage Instruction are included with your order to enjoy your avocado’s at their peak.

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Introducing the Avocado Box from Branch to Box: A Fresh Twist on Your Office Snacks!

Specially designed for avocado lovers, the Avocado Box from Branch to Box brings the creamy, nutritious goodness of fresh avocados right to your workplace. Ideal for enhancing your team’s snack options with a healthy, versatile fruit.

Why the Avocado Box is a Must-Have:

  • Peak Freshness: Each avocado is packed to order from our grower partners, ensuring you experience the true richness and buttery flavor that only comes from freshly picked avocados.
  • Versatile Delight: Perfect for crafting guacamole, topping on avocado toast, enriching salads, or simply enjoying sliced, these avocados add a nutritious and delicious twist to your office meals.
  • Ready-to-Enjoy: Shipped firm yet ripe, these avocados arrive at the brink of perfection. They’ll be ready to savor shortly after delivery, allowing you to indulge in their peak taste and texture.
  • Thoughtfully Packaged: Every avocado is individually selected, packed, and shipped using protective and aesthetically pleasing packaging. This meticulous care ensures your avocados arrive in impeccable condition.
  • Guided Experience: Included with your order are ripening and storage instructions, helping you and your team enjoy your avocados at their very best.

The Avocado Box from Branch to Box isn’t just a delivery; it’s an infusion of health and gourmet pleasure into your office environment. It’s a unique way to enrich your team’s snacking options with the wholesomeness and versatility of avocados. Get ready for a delectable, healthful journey with every box! 🥑🌿🥗