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Good Day Sacramento – Fresh Fruit Delivered Right To Your Door!

We’re learning about this Lodi delivery service brings fresh fruit from the farm to your office. Read more at

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‘Branch to Box’ start-up brings fruit from family farm straight to your office

As tech evolves, so does the agriculture industry.

A Lodi start-up called “Branch to Box” is capitalizing on the farm to fork phenomenon by bringing fresh fruit from a family farm straight to office doors across California. Read more at

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Startup of the Month: Branch to Box

Lodi delivery service brings fresh fruit from the farm to your office.

Chiles Wilson Jr. had planned to branch off from the family business.

He was raised on a farm in Walnut Grove, a droplet of a town right on the Sacramento River. His great-grandfather, grandfather and father were all farmers. Growing up, Wilson spent hours in the orchard and packing shed, processing different fruit. Farming was in his blood, but not his future, he thought. So he left for San Francisco’s Academy of Art to study product design. Continue Reading at

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Fruit subscription service highlights seasonal fruit for consumers

Whether it’s beauty or pet products, subscription box services are popular with consumers…and it turns out, produce boxes are just as popular. So discovered Branch to Box’s founder Chiles Wilson Jr. who founded an office fruit delivery subscription service in October of 2016. Continue reading at

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Lodi business brings local fruit offerings to NorCal offices

It’s late afternoon, and you’re ready for a quick snack to hold you over until the workday ends.

Would you rather have an individual bag of over-salted, broken chips from the vending machine, or a fresh, crisp apple? A slightly stale donut, or a pair of juicy, tart tangerines? Continue reading at


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Branch to Box

When the team at Branch to Box contacted us to ask if our office wanted to try a sample box of fresh fruit, of course we jumped at the offer. The company, founded by 6th generation fruit grower Chiles Wilson of Walnut Grove, Calif., offers curated boxes of fresh fruit and healthy snacks designed to be enjoyed by offices of various sizes. The Wilson family has been farming in the Sacramento Delta since the 1840s. Continue Reading a