Staff Members:

Chiles General Manager

Self-proclaimed fruit sommelier, art-school dropout, and general manager. Mediocre skills in many areas.

Favorite Fruit: Vodka (distant cousin from the potato)

Joan Sales

An expert in sending emails with attachments, that don’t have attachments. She spends her time hustlin’ Branch to Box and living in the mountains with her family.

Favorite Fruit: Pears, Duh

Suzanne Marketing & Design

In charge of spending all of the money we make. Vegetarian, fruit-etarian, and lover of her cat: Cheddar.

Favorite Fruit: Guacamole

Paul Genius

Just your standard “Number-Crunching-Canadian-that-has-single-handedly-started-and-run-a-bunch-of-million-dollar-companies”…he’s one of those. He’s also the reason we’re not broke.

Favorite Fruit: I don’t eat fruit. I eat other companies.

Jacob Design & Web Development

All things web, all things design. Call him old fashioned, but he enjoys long paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum, and Cascading Style Sheets

Favorite Fruit: Satsuma Mandarins

Nate Chief Technical Orange

When Nate isn’t fixing printers or writing “the crons”, he can be found flying drones, embezzling fruit from the company, or caught in a Facebook argument with high school friends.

Favorite Fruit: Oranges

Sarah Key Grip

Does everyone else’s job, but doesn’t get credit for it. When she’s not assembling ikea furniture, she can be found assembling other peoples ikea furniture.

Favorite Fruit: Cherries

Alex Farmer

Graduated college and carries proof at all times. Can recite the hundreds of different varieties fruits shipped by Branch to Box, just ask him.

Favorite Fruit: Pears

Ben Procurement

When fruit isn’t grown in our orchards, Ben works with partner growers to source the best fruit for our members. Kinda a weirdo, I mean, just look at this picture.

Favorite Fruit: Apples

Baby Danny Office Baby

Liz’s kid. Often making appearances in our social media posts to appeal to a “young-parent” audience.

Favorite Fruit: Anything as long as its gerbers.

Veronica Production Manager

We often wonder if Veronica is in fact a super-computer posing as a human. We still don’t know.

Favorite Fruit: Mango (paired with Tajin)