We’re Branch to Box – a family of farmers who send fresh fruit and healthy snacks to offices. That’s basically it, but we’ll tell you a bit more.

In 1843, Great-Great-Grandpa Joseph B Chiles came from Missouri to California and began farming.  Fast forward 5 generations- not much has changed.  We’re still a family farm, we still pick every piece of fruit by hand, and we still strive to produce the best fruit in a socially and environmentally responsible fashion.

In the 170ish years we’ve been around, some things have changed.We’ve since become world-class fruit packers, and have begun sending fresh fruit baskets nationwide. Branch to Box is simply the latest natural extension for us to get our fruit right to you.

People that work with us are happy. Which is why we have a host of 3rd generation employees, and friendships with fruit growers worldwide – from Europe to Australia.  Because of these friendships, we’re able to get you the best fresh fruit year-round, even when it’s not grown on our orchards.

We believe that eating healthy in the workplace should be easy, which is why we started Branch to Box: to bring together our experience, our relationships, and our passion for fruit growing all in a beautiful green box. Branch to Box is office fruit delivery made easy, with a weekly curated box of the best fruit in season.

Your curated box will include a variety of fresh fruit at different stages of ripeness, allowing you to enjoy delicious fruit all week long. Each box includes a helpful fruit map that tells you what you’re eating, and when it will be ripe.  Whether you want fruit delivered daily, every week, or once a month, we can handle it.

Get started today and know that every box is packed with 5 generations of care and experience from the branch to the box.

Branch to Box Office Fruit Delivery – fresh, healthy, delivered.

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