Frequently Asked Questions


What fruit is normally in the box?

Every week is a new fruit mix, but you can count on the staples being in every package: apples, pears, and citrus.  If you order the medium or big box, you’ll get some bananas.  each box also has at least one healthy food snack like almonds, cashews, or trail mix.  During summer and fall months, we mix it up with different stone fruit. Below are some images of past boxes

Can I choose my fruit?

We choose the fruit for you – each week comes with a carefully selected mix based on what is in season.

if I don’t like a certain fruit - can I omit it from my subscription?

Absolutely!  Contact to have a production note added to your subscription.

Is the fruit you ship totally ripe?

Some fruit arrives ripe – some fruit arrives un-ripe. We pack each box with a variety of ripeness so that you can enjoy your fruit until your next box arrives!

Should I wash my fruit?

Sure.  Most of the fruit has been previously sanitized, but a quick rinse can’t hurt!

Do you offer organic fruit?

Branch to Box currently only offers conventional fruit.

Do you grow all the fruit you ship?

Nope. We do have orchards, and during the California harvest season (June – September) a majority of fruit comes from our own orchards. During other months, we source fruit from partner growers that we know through the farming industry.  We ensure that you get the best tasting, most fresh fruit, all year long!


What days can I get my box?

Tuesday – Friday. Northern California residences can also choose Monday Delivery.

Who delivers my box?

We ship – UPS delivers.

I’d like to change my delivery day, how can I do that?

Easy!  Just send an email to and let us know what delivery day you prefer. Remember to reference your order number.


When do I get charged for my box?

We charge your credit card two business days before the arrival date of your box.  For example, if you have a Monday delivery, you will be charged on the prior Thursday.

I’d like a receipt for my box - how do I get that?

We’ll email you a receipt upon charging your credit card.  This can also be found in my account > orders